The Far West Popular Culture and American Culture Association (FWPCA/ACA) is open to anyone who studies popular culture, either located in the far west region of the United States, or who focuses on this region. The area is especially rich in a wide variety of popular culture to explore, analyze and share. Researchers have focused on everything from academia itself and aging to zoos and Frank Zappa. The organization has a rich history, having been founded in 1989 under the care of Dr. Felicia F. Campbell, who helped to pioneer the study of popular culture, along with Ray B. Browne. The FWPCA/ACA is known for hosting an annual conference and publishing a biannual journal, Popular Culture Review.

The Far West and American Popular Culture Association hosts an annual conference in Las Vegas, NV.  The individuals who comprise the PCA/ACA are a group of scholars and enthusiasts who study popular culture. The PCA/ACA offers a venue to come together and share ideas and interests about the field or about a particular subject within the field. The Far West PCA/ACA offers a unique place for scholars of Western US culture, and beyond, to come together.

Popular Culture Review is the refereed journal of Far West Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, sponsored by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is published twice yearly. Members of the FWPCA/FWACA receive each issue as part of membership. Single copies may be purchased for $7.50 by individuals. Yearly subscriptions for institutions and libraries are $25.