Call for Papers 30th Anniversary Meeting Far West Popular and American Culture Association Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas February 23 - 25, 2018 Papers on all areas of popular culture worldwide are solicited as are creative readings at our special Creative Readings panels. Send abstracts of 75 words or less, titles, affiliation, and mailing address to felicia.campbell@unlv.edu before December 15, 2017. Sponsors include UNLV's Department of English and College of Liberal Arts as well The Policy Studies Organization.
H. Peter Steeves Professor of Philosophy Director, The Humanities Center DePaul University with Danielle Meijer Lecturer in Philosophy, DePaul University Artistic Director, Aleph World Fusion Dance and Pete Parsons Professional improv comedian
H. Peter Steeves is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Humanities Center at DePaul University where he specializes in phenomenology, ethics, and philosophy of science. His favorite joke is the one about two peanuts walking down a street at night when one was a salted. Steeves is the author of several books, including: Founding Community (Kluwer, 1998); Animal Others (SUNY, 1999); The Things Themselves (SUNY, 2006); Beautiful, Bright, and Blinding (SUNY, 2017); and the forthcoming Being and Showtime (Northwestern U P, 2018). His favorite thing to say to a group of people is, “Okay, everyone here who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.” Steeves has published more than 130 book chapters and journal articles, has been the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and NEH grants, has been a Fellow at Princeton and Stanford, and was a member of an astrobiology research group at NASA Ames. He was chosen in 2011 by Rate My Professor as one of the “Top 15 Best Professors in the United States.” His current research focuses primarily on cosmology and astrobiology—on the origin events of both the cosmos and life. And your mom. He’s also currently researching your mom.
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